Slide Design – Campaign Ad


For my last project in my Visual Communications class, we were asked to choose a campaign ad and try to create an ad that you might find in the campaign ad series. I found that choosing a campaign ad that I wanted to use to create an ad using an Adobe program was challenging. I ended up choosing the Give Extra to Get Extra Campaign Ad. I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

Audience Analysis:

My intended target audience was those who might also be creating and design slides and those who are just viewing my slides. My design appeals to my intended audience because, through my design process, it shows that creating an ad similar to the ad campaign can be done. It is challenging but through diligence, it can be done. I am still working on my skills in these various programs, but for the time spent in these various programs, I can say that I have progressed a lot since day one.

Slide Design

Slide Design Final Pres

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Design Analysis

When designing and trying to create an ad similar to the one I chose from the “Give Extra to Get Extra Campaign Ad”, I strived to have the same amount of detail in my ad, that was in the original. I created a giraffe for the new ad because I feel like animals fit the campaign ad perfectly. They give extra to get extra like we do. I also tried to best match the background color that you see in the first ad – this was more challenging as the background of the original ad has a gradient. This was my first time using and adding a gradient to my design. For typography, I went with San Serif types similar to the ones used in the original.

Overall, I enjoyed the challenge to create an ad similar to the campaign ad that I chose. My next challenge for myself is to improve upon the concepts I have learned and see how far I come the next semester.

Thanks for following me along this journey with me in my Visual Communications class!

Have a weekend!

Clarissa Cook

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