Design and Color – Analysis

Hello. This is my first design and color analysis which can also be called a reverse engineer post. Today we will be looking at a design and destructing it. We will be using the four design principles to analyze the image.

This is the original image:






The corn in this image is the contrast, or in other words the differentiating factor.  It’s what your eyes focus on first. It is also the center of the infographic.



This image uses repetition in that it uses the same colors for the various circular icons and text. This creates a stronger image as a whole. It allows a reader’s eyes to rest as it goes from one “text box” to the next.



This image uses left alignment. It creates a stronger, unified image. It also makes it easier on the reader’s eyes.



In this image, they use proximity to show what phrase or word correspond with it.



They use the primary colors in this image, which also makes it feel like a learning experience. Yellow and blue are primary colors – while informing a reader, the colors also give a calm, bright mood to the image.


In conclusion, I think each principle builds off of each other in this design. With the contrast, you see how the yellow corn is the focus in the image and of the infographic. Each principle adds solidity, unity, and strength to the image as a whole.



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